2013 Soccer Camp

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Jerusalem Ministry’s 6th annual soccer camp.  As always this was such a delight to see all the boys completely in their element, playing soccer and enjoying many silly moments full of joy and laughter!!  This year posed some added challenges with the weather being rainy for some of the camp, but even despite the rain, we witnessed countless amazing testimonies through the children’s prayers and incredible faith in God.  One boy even commented that he viewed the rain as a blessing to keep them all cool and refreshed in the heat, even despite it becoming quite chaotic at one point trying to keep all boys sheltered from the rain.  All in all, we witnessed God doing a powerful work in the children’s hearts and incredible transformation in them being showered with so much love and attention throughout the camp.
Here’s the soccer camp video and some pictures capturing a portion of the immense love & joy~~~ =D
IMG_4445 IMG_4444 IMG_4443 IMG_4442 IMG_4440 IMG_4436 IMG_4435 IMG_4433 IMG_4431 IMG_4429 IMG_4427
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