Jee Lee

Jee Lee is a full time missionary at Myeong Jin Children’s Home in Seoul, South Korea.

She was a third grade teacher for five years in Northern Virginia before she came out just as a summer intern with Jerusalem Ministry in the summer of 2008. During that time, God has called her to serve at the home full time. She came back to serve as a full time missionary in November 2008.

She has lived in the children’s home for the first three years and then moved out to an apartment nearby home. She continues to serve at the home full time.

Words from Jee:
“I can’t believe it has been almost five years since I came out to Korea to serve children in Korea. I thought I didn’t have anything to give to the children at first but as God was filling me up with His love daily, He was definitely using to me to show His love to His children.

There are times, I wonder if I have made the right choice to leave anything behind in the states and come out to Korea as a missionary. But everytime I wonder that, God always reminds me that He is the one who has called me out here and that I’m in the safest place because this is where I belong.

It has been joy to see some children getting to know God and how their orphan spirit has been broken off through me! There’s nowhere else I rather be than to serve God’s children here in Korea!”