Many people ask, “If God is such a loving God, then why does He allow so much hurt in the world?” But the true question to ask is, “If God’s people are His hands and feet, than why are they allowing so much hurt in the world?” God already demonstrated the greatest act of love by sending His Son, Jesus Christ, into the world to die for our sins and to make us worthy to receive the Holy Spirit. Through faith in His Son, God has empowered us to love and to set the oppressed free just as He did. We have received His Spirit not just to enjoy fellowship with Him, but to be His hands and His feet to this hurting world.

Come Quickly Ministries seeks to mobilize prayer, awareness, and action among God’s people in order to bring God’s light into the darkness, particularly among nations who have yet to know the Lord.

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This site will hopefully be completed soon. Until then, please check out the website of our orphanage ministry based in Seoul: Click the media tab there and see wonderful videos from our past soccer and arts and crafts camps.
Each January since 2009 Jerusalem Ministry (our orphanage ministry based in Seoul) has held a three-day arts and crafts camp for young girls from orphanages around the city. In 2013 we had 46 girls and 54 volunteers/staff/helpers. Please check out the video from the camp!
In 2012 Jerusalem Ministry held a benefit concert to raise funds for a scholarship/mentoring program for Korean orphans desiring to attend university. From the funds raised we were able to accept 4 scholarship recipients for 2013. For more information about the program, please see our website