The BEST Arts and Crafts Camp Yet!!!

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Just a month past after I came back to Korea as a full time Jerusalem Ministry staff, I was literally thrown into directing Jerusalem Ministry very first arts and crafts camp.   This was five years ago.  Ever since then, when the time came around, there was no question of who will be directing it,  it just became my role to direct the camp.

I did not know what I was doing at first…and if you ask me, I probably still don’t what I’m doing.

There are so many variables that I had to factor … the girls, volunteers, the numbers,  art projects, art materials, time management and rules.   No matter how well I prepare things, if one of these variables goes wrong then all the others will crash!!  Yes, I did learn from five years of experiences yet all I can do is just pray and rely on God.

This year, every single variable was very close to PERFECT!!!!

We had 34 girls from six different homes.  Two new homes but the girls were so sweet!  We had 43 volunteers!  The volunteers were the best we had so far!  They really showed the girls that they genuinely love them and volunteers’ presence really mattered to the girls!!

Three goals for this camp were: Thankfulness, Confidence, Creativity

It was very evident that all these goals were met!!


Every morning, the girls were escorted by their group volunteers.  Moo Bee with volunteer Teresa~ You can tell that Moo Bee might seemed a little shy but she really enjoys people celebrating her!



Just love this picture especially joy that you see on the  first two girls on the left, Han Bee and Hyun Joo.  The girls were lined up to receive their prizes from People Bingo game we played.




One of the new things that we did for the first time this year was to have “Show and Tell” time.  The girls would come up with their volunteer with their craft and show off what they have done.  This is Han Bee showing her picture frame work!  Although girls seemed very hesitant at first to come up, but they loved showing off their beautiful art work!!



Pictures frame work.  We printed out the pictures from the day before to have the pictures ready for the picture frames!



Ga Eul saying “Thank You” for her burger!



Girls’ favorite craft, Gingerbread House!!  We do it every other year since the girls love it!  Icing was hard to work with and it made it hard for graham crackers to stay together.  This made the girls frustrated BUT our wonderful volunteers encouraged them.  Many of the girls mentioned it on their reflection how thankful they were to their volunteers for their patience.   Jieun and volunteer Gina~~



Girls and volunteers looking at beautiful creative gingerbread houses!!



Yerim took her time to write thank you card to all who she can think of.  I received one from her as well! 🙂




Moo Bee and Mijeong.  Moo Bee drew the smiling face for Mijeong!


Minji and Sky~




Another new thing for this year was ice skating!  I always thought it wasn’t fair for the girls not to have any active activities while the boys went to swimming on the last day!  So we had implemented ice skating on the last day of the camp!  Karin with Minjung~



John-Michael with Eun Bin and Min Seung~




Do you see why it was the best camp yet??   God is so so so good!!!