Suggested Books

Some good books to read (there are others)…

Aquariums of Pyongyang
by Chol-Hwan Kang
A good introductory book to North Korea, the autiobiography of a North Korean who survived the prison camps and escaped the country

Eyes of the Tailless Animals
by Soon Ok Lee
The most vivid and disturbing book about the prison camps in North Korea… this book will break your heart and is a must read for anyone desiring to pray for North Korea

Escaping North Korea
by Mike Kim
Written by a Korean-American who served refugees in North China, very informative

Nothing to Envy
by Barbara Demick
Well written biographies of different NK refugees of their life growing up in North Korea and then about their escapes

Escape from North Korea
by Melanie Kirkpatrick
The most up to date book on North Korea and very similar to Mike Kim’s book

Escape From Camp 14
by Blaine Harden
Another prison camp book