Missionaries & Native Pastors CQM Supports

John-Michael & Sky BeckerJohn-Michael & Sky Becker


John-Michael Becker moved to Korea at the end of 2005 to serve at Geon Christian Children’s Home. He founded Jerusalem Ministry, an orphanage volunteering ministry, in May 2006 and continues to direct the ministry while still serving at Geon Home today.

In August of 2011 he married his wife, Sky. They live together in Seoul and she also serves full time in the ministry. Their focus is solely upon the children of the orphanages of Korea.

Jee LeeJee Lee


Jee Lee grew up in Korea until she was ten before moving with her family to America. She attended the University of Virginia and then worked as an elementary school teacher. In 2008 she returned to Korea to serve as a summer volunteer for Jerusalem Ministry. Through her experience her heart was stirred to return to Korea as a full time volunteer later that year at Myeong Jin Children’s Home, where she continues to serve today.

Mijeong SongMijeong Song


Mijeong Song was born and raised in South Korea. She attended the University of Ajou and worked as a teacher after graduating. In 2007 she began volunteering part time as a teacher at Zion Girl’s Home in Seoul. She eventually quit her paying job and became a full time volunteer at the home in 2011, where she continues to serve today.

Karin LimKarin Lim


Karin and her son Xavier moved to Korea in 2007 where Karin received a very distinct call and vision from God to serve in full-time orphanage ministry. In the States, she had studied social work and art therapy. That training equipped her to minister to the children at Sungnowon Orphanage where she currently serves as a full-time volunteer.