fearfully & wonderfully made☆

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This past week, we made collages.  I had the children print the scripture “I am fearfully and wonderfully made,” on it.  To reiterate the resounding truth of how beautifully and intricately they were made, for a very real and specific purpose.  Living apart from their family, they are constantly reminded of rejection and abandonment by their parents.  Conversations with the children come up from time to time as they share openly about how they feel being “throw aways/abandoned”… Ahyoung, the 12 y.o. girl I mentioned before, pointed to me  that day and said,  “you too, you were thrown away too!” I was amused by her nonchalant comment, and grateful for the connection we share, that Ahyoung knows I can relate and understand her situation/feelings. But rather than staying in that despair, I looked at Ahyoung and said,  “yes, maybe your mom and dad had left, but our Father God will never, never, ever, EVER leave you.”  I’m thankful for our Jerusalem Ministry leader’s meetings where we have have made it a regular practice to memorize scriptures in Korean. I can share these scriptures now with the children in Korean and will keep speaking over them as much as I can for as long as I can… until they know and believe how distinctly, fearfully and wonderfully made they really are…exquisite masterpieces =D