I Found a Love Greater than Life Itself…♡

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I met this amazing sister in Christ and an incredibly talented writer, gifted with a tremendous beautiful way to convey words~~ and she wrote a story about my life!  Reading it reminded me all once again of all that God has done…from where He took me, this life once abandoned and so far away… and how He turned it into something so b∙e∙a∙u∙t∙i∙f∙u∙l∙∙∙  only He could have done something this miraculous.

And, all because of l∙o∙v∙e, it changes EVERYTHING!!!!!!

I truly have found a LOVE greater than life itself~~
You can find my story here:

http://www.rewritemagazine.com/    (Issue #9: “A Greater Love”)

Not much more to say after that, the story speaks for itself… GOD IS SO GOOD!!!!
I stand amazed at how good His LOVE is….