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My first post for this new blog…

If I had to sum up where God has called me to this point in my life, it would be this:

God not left us orphans, for we have been pre-destined for adoption as sons and daughters to receive the spirit of adoption as God’s children (John 14:18; Ephesians 1:5, Romans 8:15).

God has shown me these promises to be true time and time again, in the way He has rescued me from being an orphan, placed me in a loving family and surrounded me with His love and repeated instances of tremendous protection and provisions. This same promise holds true for every orphaned child, living without knowing their true identity as God’s beloved sons and daughters.

When Xavier and I moved to Korea in 2007, we were not quite sure all that was ahead, but as I followed the inner desires of my heart, it has been one amazing journey with the Lord as He has been doing a deep healing in my life and taking me to new heights in His amazing love~ I know without a doubt, God has preserved my life in order to bring me back to Sungnowon Orphanage so I can now share this same message of hope that proves so true in my life; the power of love~ God loves them so much and will never leave them. He has sent me there to release the unshakable truths that they are beautiful~ they are treasured~ they are beloved~ they are sons & daughters of the MOST HIGH KING – no longer orphans but covered completely in their Father’s love. You can only imagine the scars of rejection and abandonment these children face on a daily basis. They have very few consistent people in their lives and the “orphan spirit” of fears of rejection/abandonment haunt them and their hearts become very hardened. What these children need most is committed love and for someone to speak truth over them of who they are and that God has not left them as orphans. I have been at Sungnowon for the past 5 years now, and I can attest to how important these committed relationships have been. It’s taken time and was not easy at first, but over the years, God has been building loving, trusting connections into their hearts.  Perhaps, most significantly, is the connection we share when I tell them that I once lived there, when I can glimpse in their little faces, “wow, so you know what it feels like.” There is a bond formed without words. And this is the moment when God confirms it again in my heart; this is why I was brought back, to show them the Father’s heart of love for them through my consistency and committed love for them.

God has given me training in art therapy to communicate His messages of hope and healing through art, and just this past year through a scholarship program I began studies in Korean for a PhD in social welfare. Through these studies my Korean language is improving a great deal and I am gaining a deeper understanding of Korea’s social welfare system, which I know will be used in the future to help these children.

God is AMAZING~~~ HE IS FAITHFUL~~~~~ His heart of LOVE for these children is STEADFAST and TRUE… He is with His children, they are not orphans, but covered in their Father God’s AMAZING LOVE 

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JoanneApril 19, 2013 at 10:38 amReply

Karin, you are an amazing, beautiful person. How wonderful for those children to have you in their lives. Thank you for sharing your journey and God’s love!