Reuniting with kiddies

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After a long trip to America, it was blessing to see my kiddies again!  When I first returned back to America for a visit, children were so worried that I might not come back to Korea, but now they don’t  they don’t doubt able me coming back to the point they aren’t all that eager to see me again.  So sad!!  Just joking…I’m sure they are happy to see me deep inside.

I brought some summer dresses for the younger girls~Although it was still cold here in Korea when I got back, I still made them try them on.  They just look so beautiful!!!  At the end, we had do some switchings around to find the best fit for the girlies~




This one is the right one for Keun Young!!  She grew so much!!!




And this is the right dress for Hyun Jung.  She now knows how to speak in full sentences!!!





My stop at the young boys’ room.  A picture with  cutie Tae Yang~~





Tae Yang and Haneul~  The first thing Haneul is about soccer camp!! It will be his last and final year for the soccer camp.



My boy, Eun Chong!!! He grew so much!!!  I was so glad that he still remembered my name.  He keeps calling me, “Jee Sam.” So cute!!




I’m still new to this blog…I can’t figure out how to upload more pictures.  I’ll put up more pictures later!!

God Bless~