Happy New Year!!!

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Happy New Year, everyone!!  In Korea, New Year’s is not as big as the lunar New Year but every year, my home, Myeong Jin Home celebrates it by doing a traditional bowing to our director.

It’s been a long time since I have updated my blog~

Since I got a new camera from Jimmy, one of our interns, I’m going to try to learn and take good quality pictures~ New year, new resolution!!


The children who are wearing Korean traditional clothes with our director~


Here is Tae Yang, receiving new year’s money from our director.  Each person will come and bow to the director and that person receive a blessing word from the director along with an envelope with money.


Geun Young and Yun Kyung keeping our director company~We also receive a box of goodies~



Mijin is posing for the picture but Jinju is being picture shy.



But when I asked Jinju to take a picture with me, she gladly took it with me.



I love it when the older kids take care of the younger ones.   Chi Young and Da Bin~


Ho Hyun (15 month old) and Hee Gun~ Hee Gun loves kids! Whenever I see him, he is always has a baby in his arm!



Da Un and Yoon Jung with their victories~




It was also Sun Hong’s (the boy in the middle) birthday!!  Happy Birthday!!


Hye Jin and Jo Jo~  Jo Jo graduated from the home last year.  It was her first time coming back for New Year’s!



Sung Yun~ She grew so much!  She will be going into fifth grade!! She was only a preschooler when I first came!!



Geun Young!! She will be going into elementary school this year!!


IMG_3870Happy New Year!!


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지수January 8, 2014 at 4:38 pmReply

새해 복 많이 받아, 지은아! 너 생각 자주 해. 건강하고 예쁘고 행복한 year 되길바래.