Can’t help…but to have a favorite…

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I truly know that God loves all children and you should not have favorites among the children that you work with…especially in a children’s homes.  But I can’t help myself but to have a favorite.  When you look through my pictures on my iphone,  more than a third is picture of this child.   I saw him for the first time when he was only four days old.  I’m not going to deny…he is my favorite! So I’m dedicating this post with pictures and video of this child, Eun Chong!!

This is a picture of Eun Chong when he was only four days old.  He was born on April 1, 2011 and this picture was taken April 5, 2011.




Then his first three month, Eun Chong went to live with a dorm mom at her home.  Then He came back later.





With his favorite cup (the only cup he grew up with)





Me and Eun Chong.  He was about 15 month.



This is a video of Eun Chong when he has just learned how to say “Jee Teacher” in Korean.  “Jee Ssam”.  It was his second word after “mom.”



Eun Chong saying “Thank You”.  I believe he was about 18 month.


Time to times Eun Chong wants to stay with me during my classes.  This is a picture of him quietly waiting for me watching a cartoon show on a smart phone.



Eun Chong in his traditional Korean outfit.




On His way to my my apartment for a sleepover




Sleeping on my bed



Singing a Korean lullaby



Our most recent picture together~



Do you see why he is my favorite?!  Some people say that we even look alike…keke!! I just love this kid!!