Josh and Tricia’s Going Away Party

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When I first came out to Myeong Jin, there was one particular person who went out the way to help me, it was no other than Josh Smith.  He has been volunteering at Myeong Jin over last eight years.  It was because of his service and dedication that made things easy for me to serve at Myeong Jin! Before Josh got married to Tricia, all three of us took five children from Myeong Jin to Thailand as a vision trip.  That was most rewarding time with these children. Now that they went back to Indiana….it was so weird!! Before they left, they even threw an ice cream party for the kids!  That’s who they are…so loving and so giving.. I’m going to miss them a lot!!   Here are some pictures from the ice cream party~

Kids all lined up to receive a bowl of ice cream




Josh serving the children even on the last day….




Chan Sol and Han Kyu enjoying their ice cream…




Han Bin ~



Kang San~


Moo Bee and Su Jin~




Although I didn’t scoop the ice cream for the kids, but I still get kisses~ ^^



Irene, one of the summer interns…and me!!


Josh, receiving a thank you trophy from our manager.


Children all watching Josh as he shares about his experience in Myeong Jin~


Josh, Me and Tricia~~ I will miss them so much!!



God Bless!!