Our 5th Arts and Crafts Camp Video

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This year we had 46 girls from 7 different children homes along with 54 volunteers/staff participate in our fifth annual arts and crafts camp.  The camp was for three days and each morning we had all the volunteers line up in front of the entrance to welcome the kids.  They entered one-by-one to all the volunteers cheering and clapping on either side as their volunteer partner (the volunteer paired with them throughout the camp) would come to escort them to their seat.  Most of the girls were super shy as they entered, but it was clear they were being blessed by the positive attention.  Our volunteers gave their best efforts to love the kids, and each of the girls opened up in different ways.  Some of them responded right away while others out of their own insecurities took some time before opening up.  God was clearly working in each of them because at the end of the camp even the toughest girls were telling us that they definitely wanted to come back to the camp again.

I hope you are blessed by the video!  Thank you to our friend Jensen who put it together for us!

Arts & Crafts from Jensen on Vimeo.